InACan Bag Pick-Up

Bag Pick-Up is a fun and challenging activity that tests your dexterity and coordination. Participants take turns trying to pick up a bag from the ground using only their mouths, with no hands allowed. The bag is gradually reduced in size with each round, making it progressively more difficult to pick up. The consequence for being unable to pick up the bag is taking a drink.

props required

Set up

Gather participants in a suitable location with enough space. Place a clean and hazard-free bag on the ground.

Determining the order: Decide on the direction of play (clockwise/ counterclockwise).



The first participant positions themselves near the bag without touching it.


Participants take turns using only their mouths to lift the bag.


No hands or arms should touch the bag during the pick-up


Use teeth or lips to grip and lift the bag.


Pass the bag to the next participant upon successful pick-up.


After each successful pick-up, remove a portion of the bag (cutting or folding).


Place the remaining bag back on the ground for the next round.


If a participant fails to pick up the bag, they must take a drink.


Continue the game with each participant taking a turn.


The bag size reduces with each round, increasing the challenge.

Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the game with your friends or fellow players.

InACan Bag Pick-Up

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