Our Distillery

Alcohol Preparation and Flavour Addition

Preparing the alcohol involves blending the in-house alcohol to perfection and resting the solution in mixing tanks before adding the craft cocktail flavours to the drink.
The alcohol is moved to a second tank with an agitator (basically a fancy word for mixer) to thoroughly blend the natural flavours, alcohol, and demineralized water. This process goes on for about 30-40 minutes to ensure the ingredients are perfectly mixed into the cocktail solution

Filtration, Chilling, and Carbonation

The mixture generated from stage 2 is passed through a filtration system to strip the concoction of unwanted particles and sediment.
After the filtration process has removed the sediment, the solution is passed through a cooling chamber to lower the temperature to below 5 degrees celsius. This sets the solution up for the next step.
The cooled solution is then carbonated before being sent to the can filling system.

Covid Protocols, Filling and Seaming

At InACan, we prioritize the safety of our staff, distributors and our customers, so each can is rigorously washed and sanitized before the cans are passed to the filling and seaming process.
The solution is added to the can and sealed by seaming in this process. The entire process at InACan is automated and controlled by specialized machinery.

Assembly Line and Packaging

The sealed cans are passed through wind blowers to whisk away excess moisture on the can. Subsequently, the dry cans are sent through a warmer to bring the cans up to a handleable temperature.
The last step in the InACan process is to carefully check and label and neatly pack each can to ensure our crates are ready for shipment.