Our Story

The Origin

The scene is the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. Everyone is staying at home and everything is shut, including bars. Such was the situation for Sameer Mirajkar and Viraj Sawant. For them, staying at home was fine but the lack of a good drink was not. So, with all their home bar equipment and essential mixology skill, they created their favourite whiskey cocktail. But, sourcing the ingredients was tedious! They imagined what life could be like if everything they needed for a perfect drink could be in one place. The rest, as they say, is history. Three people who love fantastic cocktails and adore convenience even more, came together to found InACan.

A bar experience without any hassle

That is the concept behind InACan. Sure it helps that the cocktails are high quality, ready-to-drink and the most delicious craft cocktails you’ve ever had. It also doesn’t hurt that InACan has drinks that always have an extra edge, level of refinement and special ingredients. And sure, it’s amazing that all of that is kept ready in one tiny 250ml can. But, the most important thing is still that you get an amazing bar experience that you can put in your refrigerator.

The Experience

The InACan experience is a unique concept in the Indian market. Delicious, low-calorie cocktails that can just sit, ready-to-go, in your fridge. Experience the satisfying snap of a can, the sounds of the drink effervescing, the delightful aromatics that tickle your nose and a fantastic, satisfying flavour that satiates your desires with every InACan cocktail!

The Journey

The InACan journey started with Sameer and Viraj scouring the country for the right team. They luckily found a bartending maestro, Varun Sudhakar, who could take their product to the next level. So, Sameer, Viraj and Varun journeyed nine months, fifteen thousand kilometres of road and three states to unearth the perfection needed to make InACan. Everything that went into the InACan process was tailored to these scrumptious cocktails. This includes the development of a semi-automatic can seamer machine, five cocktail variations and the picture-perfect packaging design.
InACan has revolutionized the way we can enjoy our cocktails. Imagine if the best bartender made the best cocktail at the best bar in your city. Now, imagine if all of that was sitting in your fridge waiting for you – that’s InACan. A genuinely fantastic cocktail made by a truly fantastic team that wanted you to feel the vibe of your favourite watering hole at home during a time when all bars were shut.

The Future

Now, InACan is already on its way to making a home in every home in India. So, what does our journey look like? Well, we can promise you that we will continue to push the tastiest and most refined craft cocktails to your doorstep, continuously evolve the flavour profile and add new cocktail favourites to our stock. But truth be told, your future determines ours. Maybe you’re on your way to a beach, park, friend’s house or wherever else and want to enjoy your favourite cocktail without over-packing ingredients. Or maybe you’re not doing any of that. Maybe you just want to kick back, relax and have someone effectively bring a delicious drink straight to you. Well, that’s InAcan. We’re that solution. Whatever the occasion is, we aim to be a partner to your memorable moments.
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Sameer Mirajkar

Sameer essentially makes sure the alcohol goes in the cans. That’s a bit reductionist because of course he brings a ton to the table.
International operations experience and growth strategy expertise meant he was the perfect person to look over InACan’s operations. That also means he’s probably the most stressed out of the bunch so it’s a good thing he managed to make a solution for that.
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Viraj Sawant

13 years of experience in the wine and spirits industry! Now you might be thinking, ‘that’s a lot of alcohol’. And it is. But, on top of helping out with a 13 year-long buzz, it also helped him refine his palette. A wine sommelier by profession, he is also India’s only Advance Sommelier from the Court of Master Sommelier. He runs the Indian School of Beverage, an exclusive partnership with the Court of Master Sommelier. His experience in the wine and spirits industry is invaluable to InACan.
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Product Development Head

Varun Sudhakar

The brain behind the booze. Varun brings the bartending expertise needed to give InACan cocktails an edge over competitors and a flair to the taste. He’s a two-time winner of the National Diageo Reserve World Class Competition and India’s Best Bartender 2013-14. He also won Teacher’s Glasses Best Bartender – India 2019. He founded Bar Bundle – a company that offers a beverage experience including product development, beverage training, bar consulting and marketing programs for alcohol brands. There couldn’t be a better Head of Product Innovation at InACan.