Vodka Mule

Flavour Profile

Our Vodka Mule truly cements why this cocktail has been near the top of the popularity charts. We craft a perfect and refreshing cocktail best suited for those hot afternoons and warm nights. Our flavour profile pops with vibrance and zing. The InACan Vodka Mule is the perfect blend of ginger, lime and everyone’s favourite potato form. The overall profile has a bit of everything, the heat from the ginger, the freshness from the lime, the sweetness from the simple syrup to the mellowness of the vodka.


The Moscow Mule inspires InACan’s Vodka Mule, and it contains vodka, lime juice, ginger and soda. We only use the freshest ingredients and packaging optimized to preserve them, so our craft cocktail tastes far superior to the regular versions.

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