6 Tips to make Drinking Alone Easier and Safer in Public places

Drinking alone often comes with safety concerns, at home or in pubs. So let us talk about some ways to ensure that safety and drink stress-free.

Drinking alone comes with its share of perks. After a tiring day of work, sometimes all we want to do is go home, sit in the corner with a glass of wine and reflect on life or simply relax. Also, we may choose to go to a pub and have a drink by ourselves rather than sit at home. And there is nothing wrong with that. However, not everyone thinks in that way.

While we may consider drinking alone a sign of enjoying our own company, many people believe it to be a severe problem. People frequently believe that if someone drinks alone, they will eventually succumb to the habit and become an alcoholic. Although there is a slight chance of that happening, this is not the case with everyone. 

Let us see some common reasons behind the need to drink alone:

  • To spend quality time with oneself.
  • Choosing to drink due to boredom
  • To relieve stress and be at ease
  • To be away from negative emotions
  • A likeness of a particular drink

Now, becoming an alcoholic is one thing, but drinking alone carries other risks too. And then there’s the issue of safety. The world is not an easy place to live in. And things can go wrong sometimes when you’re under the influence of booze. If we decide to go to a bar and have a drink by ourselves, we must exercise caution and responsibility. We can’t just gulp down one drink after another and get wasted. And it becomes very easy to abuse alcohol when no one is around to disapprove of it. 

We are more likely to make incorrect decisions in such situations. As a result, I’ve come up with a solution. Here I offer some safety tips which will come in handy when drinking alone.

Tips to keep you safe when drinking alone

Stay in touch with your close ones

If you’re sipping margaritas at a bar, make sure your closest one or two people know about your whereabouts. Maybe send them a text, and if something comes up that makes you uncomfortable, let them know. That way, if you fall into some kind of trouble, your close friends or family will be there to help.

One text or a call is not too much. Please do not go off the radar completely and keep them in the loop. 

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Be ready with an alternative

Make sure you have an external phone charger in your purse at all times. You never know when your battery will die, and you’ll be left stranded. If this occurs, you will have no choice but to seek assistance from strangers, which is not always a good idea.

Additionally, maintain various cab apps on your phone so you can get home if you’ve had your fill of partying alone. For whatever reason, the one app you use every day might not work. If that’s the case, keep more than two ridesharing applications on your phone, so you don’t have to struggle with it. Furthermore, you can always rely on your close friends or family members to come and pick you up.

be ready with an alternative

Stick to known drinks

Please stick to your favorites when drinking alone; it is a simple tip. It is usually preferable to have a thorough understanding of what you are drinking. If a drink appeals to you, look it up online before ordering it. Examine the ingredients carefully. Also, if you’re skeptical, don’t go for it.

Consider avoiding drinks with high alcohol content. 

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Keep your drinks closer

You are in a pub sipping on your LIIT, and your phone rings? What do you do? If it’s an important call, you’d put the drink down and go outside to take it. This is a typical blunder that many individuals make, and it is, nonetheless, one of the most deadly errors.

Because you never know who might tamper with your drink, it is better to either finish the drink before taking the call or carry it outside with you.

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Know your limits

Do not overindulge yourself just because you are drinking alone. Pay attention to how you’re feeling in your body. Stop immediately if you realize you’ve had too much to drink. Drink some water and eventually leave the place.

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Do not accept drinks from strangers

It is a very common scene in pubs for individuals to socialize with one another. Some of them even become friends. However, not everyone faces the same situation, and some even get in trouble. So if a stranger offers you a drink and you do not have a good feeling about the person, do not entertain them.

However, if you think the person is decent and decide to accept the drink, accompany them to the bar, watch the drink being poured into the glass, and only then take it.

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Drinking safely at home

When drinking alone in bars and pubs, at least we have people around. But when we are home alone, it gets a little strenuous. If we consume more than we can handle, we may find ourselves leaving the windows and doors open, keeping the gas on, and doing a variety of other things.

So, if you want to enjoy that drink in peace, make sure you perform the necessary preparations at home, such as creating the appropriate atmosphere and surroundings. Don’t just start drinking on the spur of the moment. Instead, return home, freshen up, turn on some music, prepare supper, and then pour the booze into your glass and relax on your couch.

drink safely at home

Last few words

It’s a lot, but it’s well worth it. Because safety is paramount, prioritize your safety at home or in a pub; the rest will fall into place. So, the next time you plan on having that drink by yourself, keep the above guidelines in mind.