Sipping on our favorite Cocktails at Home

What’s your favorite hangout spot in town for a drink? And how often do you go there? I am guessing weekends, considering the busy routine we have on workdays. After a hectic day, I am sure all you want is to settle down somewhere with a drink in your hands and relax. And that comfort is often missing in those clubs and bars.

The feeling of sipping on our desired cocktail while sitting on the house balcony leads us straight to the stairway to heaven. Probably too much exaggeration? Not really!!

At home, you can be in your pajamas or even in your underpants and relax without thinking about others’ opinions. However, if you try the same thing in those bars, you will be asked to leave the place. True story. Therefore, only try at your own risk.

Also, after working for like 8-hours straight, your mind and body need that refreshing environment which can be found only on the couch at home in front of your TV watching Netflix. Netflix and Chill is a real thing. However, while the former is available, the Chill factor needs to be worked upon.

Now, putting together a good cocktail is quite the task. The preparation necessitates a significant amount of time and the use of the proper ingredients. You cannot afford to compromise on the flavors, for then you might just end up sipping on the bad version of your favorite cocktails. And that’s the last thing you would want. So you can either rummage through the kitchen for those ingredients or go to the store to get them. See? A whole lot of tasks.

And post office work, I wonder if you are in the condition to go through that torment, so you would just choose to be with your cliched beer bottles instead.

As a result, the thrill wears off. What’s fun in those beer cans?

Let me tell you what real fun is- when you get your hands on your preferred cocktail without any hassle. Fun is when those beers in the cans mysteriously get replaced by cocktails in a can.

Enters In A Can to the rescue.

With our flavored and ready-made canned cocktails, you no longer have to worry about that drink preparation. All you have to do is decide which flavor variations you wish to explore. We have the sorted Vodka Mule for Vodka fans and Whiskey Collins if you enjoy some mystery. Other flavors include Rum Latte for times when you feel a little pirate-y. Or the cocktail that never goes out of style- LIIT. Finally, the elegant Gin n Tonic is for individuals who prefer a calm and quiet cocktail with no commotion.

But let me give you the finest suggestion: you should have all of them. Keep all the five flavors in a stack at home to cater to your various moods.

So, having a rough day at work? Go home, get in your underpants and grab that can from the fridge putting all your worries aside. And just chill, pop, and enjoy!