Leadership Stories

Sameer Mirajkar

From his studies to his career in the hospitality business, Sameer has always had a keen interest in hotel administration. This prompted him to relocate to London, where he worked as a chef for several years. On coming back to India, Sameer worked in QSR for some time until he along with his friend Viraj came up with the idea of in-house cocktails in 2020. 

And it was then that the journey of In A Can Cocktails began. With his expertise and sheer talent, he has propelled the organization forward. With a background in international operations and growth strategy, Sameer is well-positioned to take the firm to new heights by effectively managing the In A Can operations.

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Viraj Sawant

A wine sommelier by profession, Viraj is India’s only Advanced Sommelier from the Court of Master Sommelier. He graduated with a degree in hotel management and has always had a strong interest in wines. This passion landed him in London, where he studied wines for six years. 

From studying wines and doing several courses on them to working in the wine industry, he has spent 13 years of his life mastering the subject to the extent that on his return to India, he with his college mate started their first in-house cocktails- In A Can cocktails. He also runs the Indian School of Beverage an exclusive partnership with the Court of Master Sommelier. 

Thus, with his interest and experience in the field, Viraj is bringing tons to the table and his contributions are invaluable to In A Can.

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Tarun Nehra

I, being a woman, have always believed that women in leadership roles make corporations better. From the very beginning, my passion lied in the entire spectrum of Digital Marketing with online advertising as my most loved skill. That led me to work in a digital agency where I was into managing marketing collaboration with global clients while running branding and digital campaigns for organizations.

I joined In A Can in 2021 and is leading the Brand vision and strategy since then. Besides, I am the Head of Growth in India’s Leading Online School with expertise in B2C, thereby showing my leadership skills. As I take the charge and lead the team, my goal is to pave the way for all women working in this industry or any other, encouraging them to believe in themselves. 

Varun Sudhakar

Hailing from Kerala, Varun here went from being a hotel management graduate to a two-time winner of the National Diageo Reserve World Class Competition, winning himself the title of “India’s Best Bartender” for 2013-14. Being a well-renowned mixologist, he helps build bars and bar programs. His journey as a mixologist began with him taking a bet with one of his friends, which further led him to join this profession. 

Fascinated by the work, Varun continued and took part in competitions to learn more about this line of work. The best part about bartending is that he gets creative freedom and meets different people from various states, countries, races, etc. He is the founder of Bar Bundle, which is aimed at giving the best in class beverage experience in terms of product development, beverage trainings, bar consulting and social media influencing programs for upcoming brands.  

He joined In A Can cocktails as a Head of Product Innovation, and, with his expertise, he has managed to give the brand an edge over other competitors. Varun is often considered the brain behind the booze and is the most suitable person to look after product development and beverage training while adding a flair to the taste simultaneously. Having so many experiences, he brings his approach to serve up the finest, freshest bar and beverage related services.

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