5 Instagram Cocktails You Should Try at Home

Cocktails are all about interesting mixtures. And these interesting drinks trend on online platforms every day. So, let us see some of the Instagram cocktails that are hard to miss and easy to make.

Hashtags and trends are what we go looking for these days. And when we talk about trending platforms, Instagram comes to mind instantly. Now, let us talk about another thing which is very much in trend these days- cocktails. As people are coming out of the conventional drinks and embracing new flavors, the mixing game is reaching great heights with various fresh cocktail recipes getting in the picture.

With Instagram being a part of our daily routine, our entire day-to-day activities end up on the Instagram feed. Likewise, when we go out for drinks, that also makes its way to the feed. So. let us have a look at some of the interesting cocktails we have come across on Instagram.

1) Melon Weather

Any watermelon lover in the house? I am sure, we all are and especially during summers, there’s none like our melon boy. So here presenting a custom-made watermelon cocktail.

The ingredients are- Tequila, watermelon juice, lime juice, cucumber juice, agave syrup, Cointreau, and seltzer.

melon weather resized

2) The Little Mermaid Margaritas

Just as the drink color relates to its name, I am hoping the taste does justice to it too. Not to mention how it is an improvisation of one of the classic cocktails. This concoction mixes tequila and strawberry liqueur together. Additional components include melon liqueur, blue curacao, lime juice, and some simple syrup.

Little mermaid resized

3) Jungle cat

As the name suggests, this craft spirit drink is going to be interesting. Being a gin-based cocktail, a jungle cat is a blend of Campari with some pineapple juice and lime juice. Also, some orgeat syrup.

Jungle cat resized

4) Hangry Shark Frenzy

As I was scrolling through, this one caught my eyes and I couldn’t resist but look further. A hangry shark frenzy is an amalgamation of peach schnapps with watermelon vodka, melon lemonade, lime soda, light rum with pink and green sugar, and some watermelon gummy sharks. This one’s worth it.

hangry shark frenzy resized

5) Monongahela Mule

When we talk about cocktail inspiration, let’s talk about the Monongahela mule. This mule cocktail is a cocktail inspired by the vodka mule, except for the fact that it’s whiskey-based. This tantalizing cocktail is a mixture of Sazerac rye whiskey with lemon juice and ginger concentrate. It also adds some raspberry syrup and is garnished with mint leaves.

monongahela mule resized

Wrap it

There is no limit to the cocktail posts on Instagram. Every time I log in and there comes a new list of cocktail recipes inspiring cocktail bars and pubs. Easy to make, these recipes are a go-to for the home bartenders too making smooth arrangements for a party without any worries and stress.

If you are one of us who loves to be on Instagram half of the time, I am sure you too have seen the many new experiments done on alcohol turning it into some amazing cocktail drinks. So next time you see one new recipe, do tell.