Going an Extra Mule to Excel

Vodka is something we all have a soft corner for. And when we have a mule cocktail with some flavor of ginger, that’s a bonus. So, here comes In A Can presenting you with Vodka Mule- a drink curated for all vodka and cocktails lovers.

It was just the other day when I bumped into one of my friends at a pub. Neither of us knew what drink to order with the freezing weather, so we sat there staring at the menu. That’s when we came upon a cocktail called “A Classic Moscow Mule,” which I instantly ordered. It was nothing but a vodka-based cocktail with ginger beer or ginger ale with a dab of citrus juice.

Now, as someone who has studied the Russian language and literature, I’ve always been intrigued by the culture. That very much explains why I always order vodka wherever I go. There is, however, a catch. The mule cocktail does not have Russian ancestors, infact; it is of American origin.

Isn’t it amazing? Let us see how and why this mule cocktail ended up in American bars.


History of the Mule Cocktail

Vodka’s existence in America was unimaginable in the early days, especially during the Cold War. The country was primarily rum-dependent until the breakthrough, which happened when one of the country’s top alcohol distributors, The Heublein Drinks company was granted the exclusive license to market Smirnoff, a classic vodka. The Head of the company at that time was Martin. One day, he carried a bottle of Smirnoff in his hand and went to see his friend Morgan, the proprietor of the Cock n’ Bull pub in California. Apparently, the latter’s ginger beer company was failing, the cases of which were languishing in his basement.

So the two mates sat down and mixed one’s Smirnoff with the other’s ginger beer, along with a twist of lemon, to create what we know today as the “Moscow Mule.” Their journey began when they went from one bar to another with a bottle of it, offering the bartenders a free photograph with the drink, after which they took the photograph to the next establishment as a marketing strategy. After tasting it, every bartender concluded that vodka isn’t all bad. Besides, ginger beer had a slew of health benefits too, so the combination was interesting.

And that is how vodka joined hands with ginger and became its muse; oh wait! A mule is what I meant.

Isn’t the narrative fascinating? Wait until you taste the cocktail for yourself.

To add a vintage look, mule cocktails are served in copper mugs. Interestingly, these copper mugs were offered by Morgan’s girlfriend, whose father owned a copper factory. So, everything was in order.


Mule Variations

Although Smirnoff vodka blended with spicy ginger and lime is difficult to top, there is a good chance to try a new spin on the classic vodka cocktail.

There are various cocktail recipes worth mentioning, including several mule variations.

Mules with whiskey are also a fantastic classic cocktail. Kentucky mules utilize bourbon, whereas Tennessee residents use the whiskey after its name. As a result, the mule cocktail takes on the flavors of different places.

Likewise, Caribbean people substitute Rum in place of vodka, while Mexican mules go with Tequila. In a nutshell, whatever suits your tastebuds.

There are several Moscow mule recipes that even add cherries, pomegranate syrup, or orange juice to enhance the flavor while maintaining the ginger beer, and lime game intact. Thus, Mule cocktails, with their refreshing and spicy nature, are what we need to beat the summer.

And InAcan here exactly knows what the people want for they have also come up with their own high-quality Vodka Mule cocktails available across the country. So, what are you waiting for?

Ginger Beer. Check.

Lime juice. Check.

Vodka. Check.

So, do not lose time. Go and get the mules for your muse!